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The school day at St. Mark’s doesn’t end when the final bell rings. Learning, creativity, movement and fun continue well into the afternoon.

St. Marks provides an Extended Care program beyond school hours to assist working families who need a safe, supervised environment for their children before and after school hours. The goal of our program is to provide physical, social, emotional, and intellectual activities which support the development of a successful child. Children are grouped by grade level and have their own area for activities. Each program offers supervision and activities including homework assistance, academic enrichment, art, crafts, games, computer and outside playground time. A snack is provided for each group and those staying after 5:00 receive an additional snack. All staff members are screened, processed and fingerprinted. All students are carefully supervised and are released only to authorized persons indicated on a student's registration form.

St. Mark’s offers after-school enrichment opportunities for children who are eager to discover and explore their interests. Class offerings vary from year to year, but all are fun and educational. Perennial favorites include What's Cooking Kids?, Art Van Go, and Mind Lab.

WHAT'S COOKING KIDS? (GRADES PK4 - 2ND): A hands-on, interactive cooking program for junior chefs. This after school enrichment program teaches kitchen skills and techniques along with kitchen safety and cleanliness. Junior chefs are introduced to both sweet and savory recipes to expand their palate. Cooking with kids promotes teamwork and a healthy lifestyle.

MISS FANCY NANCY'S ETIQUETTE PROGRAM (GRADES 2ND - 5TH): An interactive etiquette program offering hands-on activities, games, and instruction. Children learn the basics in social and dining etiquette, including conversation, attire, consideration, respect, table manners and greetings. A catered meal during the final class allows students to show off their etiquette skills.

ART VAN GO (GRADES PK4 - 3RD): Art Van Go mixes art history, creativity and fun to encourage students’ artistic abilities and their potential while creating their own masterpieces inspired by famous artists.

MIND LAB (GRADES K - 4TH): Mind Lab uses strategy games to enhance cognitive, social, and emotional skills. This program bridges the gap between school education and real life challenges by teaching students how to think rather than what to think.

Lower school students, as young as early as first grade, have the chance to participate in after school athletics and experience the fun of competition. Sport specific rules, technique, teamwork, and sportsmanship are prioritized. Swimming, running club, flag football, softball, basketball, and soccer are offered throughout the year in an effort to develop skills and build confidence for middle school athletics, as well as to promote a lifelong interest in sport and physical activity.

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