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  Name Title
Kathy Acerra Acerra, Kathy 2nd Grade Teacher
Kristin Ackerman Ackerman, Kristin 4th Grade Teacher
German Agudelo Agudelo, German Custodian
Guillermo Agudelo Agudelo, Guillermo Custodian
Renee Aisner Aisner, Renee Kindergarten Assistant
Sarah Anderson Anderson, Sarah Writing Teacher
Marcy Antedomenico Antedomenico, Marcy PK2 Teacher
Kendall Axtell Axtell, Kendall PK4 Teacher
Silvia Bernal Bernal, Silvia 1st Grade Teacher
Lisa Bishop Bishop, Lisa PK2 Assistant
Lisa Brickey Brickey, Lisa PK3 Assistant
Helen Brown Brown, Helen Facilities Manager
JaLynne Butler Butler, JaLynne PK Coordinator
Kellie Carroll Carroll, Kellie Kindergarten Teacher
Caryn Casano Casano, Caryn K-5 Science Specialist
Patsy Casey Casey, Patsy 1st Grade Assistant
Page Cash Cash, Page Head of Lower School
Liliana Castro Castro, Liliana PK2 Assistant
Beth Colucci Colucci, Beth 3rd Grade Teacher
JoAnn Corra Corra, JoAnn 1st Grade Teacher
Eric Cowles Cowles, Eric Math Teacher
Jordan Feigenbaum Feigenbaum, Jordan PK2 Teacher
Lillian Fennell Fennell, Lillian Receptionist
Ann Fernandez Fernandez, Ann Assistant to the Head of School
Yazmin Figueroa Figueroa, Yazmin Custodian
Karen Anne Foley Foley, Karen Anne PK3 Teacher
Cindy Fontaine Fontaine, Cindy Kindergarten Assistant
Krista Gage Gage, Krista English/Writing Teacher
Evelina Gambino Gambino, Evelina Kindergarten Assistant
Joyce Gerke Gerke, Joyce 1st Grade Teacher
Adrienne Giblin Giblin, Adrienne 2nd Grade Teacher
Angel Gill Gill, Angel Custodian
Luz Gill Gill, Luz Custodian
Megan Gilmore Gilmore, Megan English/Writing Teacher
Donna Grooms Grooms, Donna Controller
Seth Grossmayer Grossmayer, Seth History Teacher
Amy Haigh Haigh, Amy PK4 Teacher
Ellen Harty Harty, Ellen 4th Grade Assistant
Cathy Hoffner Hoffner, Cathy 2nd Grade Teacher
Todd Isham Isham, Todd History/Religion Teacher
Erin Ivancevic Ivancevic, Erin PK3 Teacher
Gweneth Johnston Johnston, Gweneth PK4 Assistant
Diana Jones Jones, Diana Spanish Teacher
Rachel King King, Rachel Art Teacher
Daniela Krenzlin Krenzlin, Daniela 5th Grade Teacher
Valerie Kuipers Kuipers, Valerie Art/Music Assistant
Lindsey Laeha Laeha, Lindsey Custodian
Silvia Lapikas Lapikas, Silvia 5th Grade Assistant
Brooke Lashley Lashley, Brooke Middle School Assistant
Debbie Leeder Leeder, Debbie 1st Grade Assistant
Robin Lingenfelder Lingenfelder, Robin Kindergarten Teacher
Sally Lubeck Lubeck, Sally Science Teacher
Fernando Machado Machado, Fernando Technology & Innovation Teacher
Ron P. McElhone McElhone, Ron P. Chief Financial Officer
Stacey McElhone McElhone, Stacey Registrar
Michael Milanesi Milanesi, Michael Director of Technology
Devin Mitchell Mitchell, Devin Physical Education Teacher
Jennifer Noel Noel, Jennifer Library and Media Specialist
Denise Null Null, Denise Christian Ed Teacher
David O'Neill O'Neill, David Security
Cristel Ortoneda Ortoneda, Cristel PK2 Teacher
Jessica Pate Pate, Jessica 3rd Grade Teacher
Jon Payne Payne, Jon Physical Education Teacher
Shelby Pellett Pellett, Shelby 4th Grade Teacher
Liz Pena Pena, Liz Spanish Teacher
Melanie Perkins Perkins, Melanie 4th Grade Teacher
Bonnie Peters Peters, Bonnie PK2 Assistant
Randy Poissant Poissant, Randy Custodian
Lori Price Price, Lori 3rd Grade Assistant
Leslie Quinlivan Quinlivan, Leslie Science Teacher
Jamie Rasnick Rasnick, Jamie PK3 Assistant
Nicole Robison Robison, Nicole Head of Middle School
Wayne Rosenthal Rosenthal, Wayne Director of Athletics & Recreation
Alison Samarias Samarias, Alison Attorney & Director of Development
Lindsay Schrader Schrader, Lindsay 3rd Grade Teacher
Ali Scott-Brown Scott-Brown, Ali Kindergarten Teacher
Cindy Sexton Sexton, Cindy Director of Enrollment
Kelee Shilling Shilling, Kelee Communication Coordinator
Elizabeth Shine Shine, Elizabeth Extended Care Director
Cyndi Slater Slater, Cyndi Dean of Students
Eugenia Smith Smith, Eugenia 5th Grade Teacher
Heather Stacy Stacy, Heather PK3 Assistant
Kerry Stanis Stanis, Kerry PK4 Teacher
Linda Stinnett Stinnett, Linda School Bookkeeper
Deb Strainge Strainge, Deb Head of School
Christina Styer Styer, Christina Music Teacher
Lori Sweeney Sweeney, Lori Math Teacher
Wendy Tchatal Tchatal, Wendy 5th Grade Teacher
Diana Terry Terry, Diana Receptionist
Meaghan Thill Thill, Meaghan PK3 Teacher
Olivia Thompson Thompson, Olivia PK3 Teacher
Renata Veau Veau, Renata French Teacher
Debbi Wallace Wallace, Debbi Development Assistant / Reprographics
Camila Wander Wander, Camila Spanish Teacher
Fred White White, Fred Custodian
MaryRuth Williamson Williamson, MaryRuth Nurse
Lisa Wilson Wilson, Lisa PK4 Assistant
Lizzy Woolford Woolford, Lizzy 1st Grade Assistant
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