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Our dynamic middle school program centers on a traditional core curriculum of mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies.

Our faculty knows each child well and incorporates different methods of instruction and assessment to address our diverse learners. Skills of critical thinking, analyzing text, research, and writing are prioritized. By collaborating across the disciplines, our Middle School faculty facilitates meaningful academic connections and models teamwork. Organizational skills and study habits are taught and modeled by all teachers to help our students transition to new levels of responsibility. Managing time, assignments, and goals is as much a part of our curriculum as the content itself. The importance of writing with clarity and voice is strengthened in our required Writer’s Workshop courses that support the core English classes.

Giving middle school students some control of their educational program is essential in the development of their independence. Seventh and eighth graders can elect to take courses in photography, visual art, graphic art, web design, personal fitness, band, and drama. Our oldest students also participate in a school-wide Science Fair, the culmination of weeks of teacher guided rigorous research and writing. All middle-schoolers participate in exciting overnight field trips which are integrated with their course of study. Every aspect of the middle school experience is intentionally structured to provide students with confidence, values, habits, skills, and knowledge to succeed in high school and beyond. For further information on the academic program we invite you to explore the middle school course descriptions.

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