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St. Mark’s STEM SmartLab and media center support and enrich our academic program in an inviting and stimulating environment.

The library offers over 20,000 reference and circulating materials, daily newspapers, periodicals, and web-based tools. Our media specialist collaborates with faculty to teach our students traditional research methods, as well as internet-based techniques. St. Mark’s own TV program, broadcast to the lower school classrooms each morning, is produced in the media center. Middle school students operate the cameras, mixers, and special effects, while lower school students prepare the scripts and make the live announcements. The media center facilitates our popular, motivational reading programs, Accelerated Reader and Sunshine State Young Readers. The mission of the library and media center is to ensure that our students are using library and information resources effectively and responsibly, as well as developing a lifelong love for reading and learning.

  • SEARCH OUR LIBRARY: Over 20,000 reference and circulating materials, daily newspapers, periodicals.
  • ACCELERATED READER & READING PLUS: an online testing tools that promote the development of reading comprehension.
  • SUNSHINE STATE YOUNG READER PROGRAM: a statewide reading motivation program for students in grades 3-8. Each year, students who have read at least three titles from their level are allowed to vote with other Florida readers for their favorite title from the list.
  • TV PRODUCTION STUDIO: Students in grades 1-5 take turns anchoring St. Mark's live morning broadcast, produced by the middle school production team.
  • BOOK CLUBS: after school book clubs are offered to students in grades three and four. Third grade enjoys Hot Chocolate Café and fourth grade has Ice Cream Book Nook.
  • TECHNOLOGY: includes a full-class teaching area, research workstations, and access to digital cameras, video cameras, and scanners.